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Amazing Stories and Refreshing Vulnerability

I have been a long time listener to this show and somehow failed to review it until now. The focus on the host’s relationship to a vast variety of subjects is a perfect lens for keeping continuity front and center. You know what you’re going to get every episode and you’re never disappointed because every topic overdelivers.


Love your vibe and down to earth topics no one is comfortable talking about. Keep up the great work and see you on Twitter!

Fun and interesting

Pixie is a great podcast that completely cover just about any and every topic with great perspective. She’s also a wonderful advocate for independent podcast creators

A podcast that you need

An amazing podcast that dives deep in to relationships with everything from horror movies to polyamory to being vulnerable. Our host is so relatable and sweet. Not to mention she has great guests. If you ever wanted to have an honest conversation with someone about a multitude of topics. This is the podcast for you!!

Easy listening

I love the topics on this show, and it’s so easy to listen to! I’ve learned a lot from it! Highly recommend!

One of my favorite podcasters!

Manic Pixie is always a fun listen. Abigale is authentic and relatable. Even when I new to an episodes topic, it’s fun hearing her take. Outside of the podcast, Manic Pixie Weirdo has built a welcoming community of supporters that share in each others successes and challenges. Take the time, and join the conversation. Be a weirdo with the rest of us!

So glad I found this pod!

Nothing is better than the MPW podcast playing in your car or home. The quality of her voice will remain the same regardless of what time of day it is. A warm and enthusiastic greeting awaits you from Abigail! It feels more like you are visiting a friend than listening to a podcast. Throughout the episode, I was struck by the ease with which Abigail moved from topic to topic while maintaining an overarching thread. In addition to her infectious energy, her themes and stories convey both hope and love in a way that can be understood by anyone. I would recommend it to anyone interested in good faith life discussions.

Better than hitting the jackpot

This podcast is EVEN BETTER than chain smoking with your mom at a casino. Just sayin


I am impressed by this podcast each time a new episode is released. Open and honest no matter the topic. I appreciate the variety of topics. One of my Must Listens.

Great podcast

Abigail is awesome!!! Love listening to her discuss different topics every week. Excellent podcast, recommend everyone listen to this show!

I love podcasts that are so open and honest. So many interesting topics are covered and I have learned a lot. Excellent episode!


I love the format: individual then global exploration of topics and relationship to them. It’s so personal and engaging. I am a new fan and my subscription is locked in. Carla, There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast

New listener

I’m a very new listener and will continue but I love the vulnerability and positivity that comes across from the host. I literally can’t get enough content related to adhd, any and all, now having been diagnosed as an adult woman so I had to share that I really enjoyed the most recent episode. I love getting a good laugh in when I’m not binging true crime. It’s crazy to say because the show certainly isn’t fluff but for me this is lighter listening and I love it!

Meet your new BFF!

As a listener who is super picky about single host podcasts, I have to say that Manic Pixie Weirdo(aka Abigail Thomas) is an absolute standout! I was hooked after the first episode. You truly feel like she’s having a conversation with you. Abigail is one of those rare voices who has the ability to touch on just about any subject with wisdom, humor, authenticity, and generous amounts of vulnerability. She doesn’t shy away from any topic. No matter how controversial or difficult they might be, this Pixie finds the positive. Like she says, “Be kind and stay weird! Excellent advice!! Now, take mine: subscribe and binge. Go! ~Susie, I Love Lucifer the Podcast

Being Weird is Life

This is a great show. The host is smart and thought provoking. By listening to her analyze her relationship with a variety of topics forces the listener to reflect. I really enjoyed sitting back and relaxing to the soothing voice and insightful commentary. I can see myself going back to this show many times to force me to interrogate my own relationships. Love this!

This is a great show. The host is smart and thought provoking. By listening to her analyze her relationship with a variety of topics forces the listener to reflect. I really enjoyed sitting back and relaxing to the soothing voice and insightful commentary. I can see myself going back to this show many times to force me to interrogate my own relationships. Love this!

Great podcast

Sounds is great, the back and forth between you and your guests are awesome. Doing separate episodes for topics is great your views then the guests views. You are now apart of my daily playlist. Highly recommended.

Stream of consciousness pod!

Abigail covers a wide range of topics and the listener meanders through her thought and stream of consciousness throughout each episode. Go along for the ride and her soothing voice will take you there!

Energetic fun!

A blast of conversational energy. Loving the content. Keep it coming.

Thoughtful, Powerful Insight

I love shows that make you think or challenge your norms. I also love shows that pick apart details of certain topics and break them down further to engage in dialogue. The Manic Pixie Weirdo Podcast is both and more. Abigail picks topics that are unique and well thought out and I often find myself talking back to her on the radio as I listen. Stop simply ‘listening’ to shows and start absorbing and interacting with ideas. I highly recommend this and urge you to try one out. You’ll be hooked.

A fresh perspective

Listened to the episodes about M.C.U. It was nice to hear a females take on these movies as opposed to the all two often heard male perspective. Appreciated your opinions and your backstory on your relationship with the films ( imitation game was a great movie by the way). I’ll be looking into some more of the mental health episodes in the near future thank you for the pod and keep up the great work. Ryan Wilson Host of You gonna eat that crust podcast

Cool podcast!

Great sounding show, good energy.

I'll be honest, I thought this podcast might be too intense to listen to on a regular basis, but I was wrong! It doesn't shy from serious subject matter but somehow Abigail threads the needle with a podcast that can be serious and funny at the same time.

This show is not what you're expecting. And I mean that in a very good way. Because you probably read the title and saw "relationships" in the description and you have a preconceived notion of what it's going to be. Abigail is super honest (and has a great hosting voice) and this is a podcast you should sit down and listen to!

Intrinsically Unique

Not a single episode is like the other. Rare to see in this game. Lots of fun. 5 Stars!!!!!

Abs is a awesome person to listen to very funny and her podcast is a positive vibe that dices into relationships,mental health , follow her and listen to her episode

Thank You

Manic Pixie I want to thank you for your vulnerability. This in itself is bravery. Thank you for sharing your experiences in a world that tries to hide behind the facade of scripted dialogue and posed pictures. Thank you for bearing your soul and just being honest. The subject matter you cover is taboo in the modern age, but not here and that’s a breath of fresh air.

Great listen!

I’m really enjoying listening to Abigail’s take on various things! I love the relational approach to topics, her honesty, and the community she’s built around the show. Give her a listen, you won’t regret it!

Life changing show

Such amazing insight and and information. A must listen!

Really enjoy

Definitely give this a listen. Great voice and easy to listen to.