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Such An Important Show!

This show is so important! These conversations need to happen. They need to be had in this open space without judgement so what's important can be said and absorbed. Thank you for making a show with such important subject matters! The relationships we have are how we relate to the world, and the relationships we've had are how we view the world. Better understanding these relationships and our roles within them are utterly important to everyone! I cannot wait to listen to EVERY episode!

Embrace the weird!

This is not your “normal” relationship podcast - in a GREAT WAY! Embrace the weirdness and reflect on the relationship you have to the things that matter most in your life.

Purpose Review

Really enjoyed this one about Relationship with Purpose. Super deep. Got me thinking.


This podcast is amazing keep on going


Had me nodding along at work. Listened to the My Relationship with Purpose episode. My head is spinning. I’ve been thinking a lot about this word lately so I’m glad this episode found me well. No need to apologize for the pauses in the episode. I actually like them, shows your humanity and the pacing of your though process. Thanks for the vulnerability and for sharing your thoughts. <3

Excellent Podcast

Abigail does a great job with the content. Great story telling and very entertaining. If you get a chance check out this podcast.

I bow to the dishonorable weirdo Abigail!

I have never been able to get into a solo hosted podcast, but I started out with a solo episode and was on board right away. Listened to the 50th episode first and loved hearing the inner workings of Abigail’s mind. Not to mention great sound quality (no tin can mics here). Will definitely be getting into more of these!

A rare podcasting experience

“Be kind and stay weird” is a mantra I truly believe in and it’s a joy to listen to Abigail spread that message throughout her episodes. She’s someone I’d like to have coffee with and talk about life with — she’s very funny and she presents herself with a sincerity that’s hard to find (in the podcasting community and in general). Her interviews are smart — I love that I’m able to learn something AND reflect on my personal relationships at the same time. I cannot recommend her show enough.

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I love Abigail's unique perspective on different topics. Also a fan of the variety of topics. You've got lighthearted topics like the MCU and heavy topics like racism. I've already told her this personally, but my favourite episodes are the ones where her mother guests.

Required Listening for Lovers and Thinkers

Abigail is incredible at presenting a personal, intimate narrative as well as engaging her guests in a truly compelling dialogue, which frequently taps into cosmic questions - these big concepts are always explored through the lens of human connection and underpinned with optimism about our shared condition. The stimulating discussion on this show is an excellent way to fire up your synapses and contemplate how you relate to the people you encounter in your own life. Very inspirational how fearless and candid this show can be in the pursuit of universal truth and mutual growth - thank you Abigail for creating this space where listeners can examine what may be daunting issues in such a creative and intentional way!

Yes! This!

I love how honest you are and that you tackle some gritty topics. You actually do set yourself apart from others in the way where you keep it real. Also? I don’t smoke weed, but your voice is so chill and it makes me want to smoke weed. Another thing I love, back to you tackling gritty topics, is that you have this really awesome weirdo mentality, but you don’t automatically resort to being flippant or uncaring. Court, A Nefarious Nightmare

Excellent Pod

I love this show! Recommend it all the time!

Real honesty on Real topics

I’m not a big “relationships” podcast sort of person but I enjoy this one. For talking about difficult topics, it’s pretty digestible and that’s a real credit to the host who does a great job making the podcast feel like a safe space.

Listen To this show!!!

This is one of the few podcasts about relationships that feels authentic. Give this one a listen!!!

Naturally funny and passionate

The climate-depression episode really got me! Must listen!!

Engaging topics

Wonderful discussions with a charismatic host. Well worth your time.


Abigail dives into every topic with the passion that every good host should have and with the calming voice to make even the toughest of topics enjoyable and easy to listent to

Engaged and Conversational

I listened to the episode with Diatra Simps (#61) I loved it a lot. Abigail made this interview sound like a normal conversation, something that I always appreciate in a show. She was engaged with her guest, and the guest seemed excited to share her story. I will definitely be checking out more episodes!

Loved every minute!

Just listened to the endgame/marvel episode and I loved every minute of it. The host was so good and her calming voice made the podcast feel inviting and interesting. Great podcast! I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

Tackles hard topics

I really enjoy the show. MPW does a really great job of talking about those not so easy topics. My first episode was about depression and suicide and finding someone (host and guests) who aren’t afraid to tell the whole story and try to help people in need by telling them more than just “go to therapy”. I appreciate the show.


Not too many podcasts feel as open and genuine as Abigail does. An honest and deep look at relationships the mind of diverse people that encompass the human journey. Absolutely insightful and joyful listen.

Interesting, helpful, and great variety

Abigail takes on something we can all relate and talks about it with a number of guests. Discussing relationships in a number of different ways and with topics that are creative keeps the show fresh. From deeper topics to thoughts on media, the show will constantly make you think.

Brilliant Mind

Abigail has a way of making you understand just exactly what being open and honest truly is. Her show is outstanding and os so refreshing to hear!

Open And Honest

Open, honest, and heartfelt. It’s refreshing to hear someone truly share themselves, while at the same time helping and educating others. And sometimes, there’s just plain fun!

Wide ranging topics and great questions

The concept of the show, seeing ourselves in relationship with a diversity of things, is a unique take. Abigail brings on a wide variety of guests to talk about these different relationships, so if you don’t connect with the first one you listen to, try another! She also clearly takes time to prep for her guests— with thoughtful questions that lead to interesting theories and ah-ha moments. (And some just fun silliness!) A wonderful romp through how we relate to the world and one another.

Nice casual conversations

Abigail has a soothing voice but a fun personality as she leads discussion on a variety of topics that most can relate to - definitely a show to check out!

Great Podcast!!

Interesting topics and conversations. Check this podcast out!!!

It’s like eavesdropping on a great conversation

I’ve listened to a few episodes so far and I really enjoy tuning into this podcast. It’s a lot of nerdy fandoms that I love so I get to hear other people like myself geek out about it. She brings on a variety of guests who also shares an interest with her on the episode topic and I love hearing them talk about these fandoms and then going (sort of) off the rails. Definitely give this a listen!

Amazing podcast!

Each episode is so insightful and interesting! The host is wonderful. I love the honesty in each topic!